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Having healthy feet is very important. Feet are the foundation for your entire body. They support all of your body weight, keep you balanced and keep you moving. It is paramount to keep your feet in good health so that you can have regular physical activity and a good quality of life. If you aren’t physically active you could be at risk for heart disease, obesity, diabetes as well as loss of muscle mass. Foot issues can create poor posture and imbalance or be an indication of other problems like kidney and liver function.

At Williamsburg Podiatry, we care about your feet. We believe in devoting the time to listen to you, educate you about your problem and help you develop the right treatment plan to return to your active lifestyle. We put our patients first, addressing all of their needs and concerns every step of the way.

Dr. Dente has helped thousands of patients cope with and overcome all kinds of foot problems from diabetic foot to arthritis to bunions through experienced foot care. Whatever your foot concern is, we can help. From routine checkups to foot surgery, Williamsburg Podiatry is equipped to handle all of your foot needs. We accept most insurance plans and always welcome new patients. Call us today to schedule an appointment.



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