A bunion is caused by the metatarsal bone pushing out to the side of the foot creating a lump that can hurt and cause the big toe to lean into, under, or on top of the second toe.


Signs of a bunion

  • A bump on the side of your big toe or redness and/or swelling.
  • A decrease in mobility of the big toe.
  • Pain when walking or while doing other activities.  
  • Regular shoes are uncomfortable or ill-fitting. 


Bunions don't go away on their own but you can do things to make it manageable.


  • Don't wear shoes that are tight, pointed, or high heels. Wear shoes that have a wide fit in the toes.
  • Over-the-counter padding or cushions for your foot can help.
  • Over-the-counter inserts can be helpful by distributing the pressure evenly when you walk.
  • Ice can help if you have been on your feet all day as well as an anti-inflammatory medicine.


It is time to see a doctor when you have a visible bump, ongoing pain, or decreased movement. It may be time for a different approach such as surgery. At Williamsburg Podiatry we are always here to help everyone get back to their active lifestyle.

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