Warts are a viral growth that usually gets larger and more painful. They are rough, skin colored bumps on the skin. They can go away on their own or you may need to help the process. 


A Plantar wart is caused by a virus that enters the body by a cut or a weak spot in the skin. This causes the wart to grow on the skin. It can be painful. They usually form on the part of the foot that bears weight like the heel or ball. 

It is important to keep the wart covered to prevent spreading but also make sure to keep it dry. Also, wash your hands if you touch a wart.


Treating a wart

  • There is an over-the-counter medicine called Compound W you can apply to the wart. Follow the directions on the label.
  • A doctor can freeze a wart to make it go away.


Periungual warts are warts that form around or under the fingernail or toenail. Common for nail bitters. 


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